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Crazy in Love with Japan.
Crazy topics in Japan.

Crazy in Japan is a new style web magazine for travelers, long-term residents and anyone who loves Japan’s cultural identity.

In 2017, Crazy in Japan was launched to introduce the unique culture of Asia’s small island nation. Japan has built its reputation throughout anime and robotic technologies. Travelers, who set their destination in Japan, usually aim to experience that sub-culture or otherwise the traditional architects such as shrines and temples. BUT we believe that there is a lot more!

We set our spotlights to daily bases topic such as High-end gadgets, Crazy events, Cool sneakers, etc.
NOT an ordinary travel guide or rusted information.
Promise to offer you the edgy and epic topics for the latest.

We hope that Crazy in Japan will be a hint to make your stay in Japan more memorable and loving.

Crazy in Japan
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