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Aquarium with digital art Hanabi Aquarium by NAKED

image:Aquapark Shinagawa


Aquarium with digital art Hanabi Aquarium by NAKED

Hanabi Aquarium by Naked started on Saturday, July 8, 2017!
New urban entertainment facility beyond the aquarium in Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Characterized by the production of sound, light and video image on the exhibits.
By touching the world’s first tank equipped with a transmissive tack panel, guide explanation of exhibited fishs in the aquarium is displayed.
It should be noted that the new nightly dolphin performance “star fireworks ~ star mine ~” with a new sense that light and sound enter through three-dimensionally. Also the sound of wind chimes bouncing and the digital art of fireworks projected on Japanese umbrella.

NAKED designs human experiences on video, installation, projection mapping and much more. Since its establishment in 1997, they have been involved in numerous creative work centered on TV drama’s title backs, CF, music videos, corporate VP.

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