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Beams x Space Shower TV “PLAN B” pick up an indie rock artist MITSUME

Plan B
image: PRTIMES


Beams x Space Shower TV “PLAN B” pick up an indie rock artist MITSUME

Beams and the largest music channel in Japan, Space Shower TV launched a unique TV program, “PLAN B” and an indie rock artist Mitsume will appear in their guest in October.

PLAN B specializes in bringing musicians and creators together to produce an unpredictable music and creative mind. In the archives, several upcoming musicians appeared such as Suchmos, THE OTOGIBANASHI’S, HUE, WONK, chelmico, Alfred Beach Sandal+STUTS and Yogee New Waves.

October’s pick up artist is yet to be commercialized and has not earned the number, but has been leading the Tokyo’s independent music scene. Mitsume chooses to play in the warehouse and produces collaboration items with young creators. Their DIY style has gained a certain amount of fans.

The program will be based on their China and Taiwan tour with DYGL in August. Based on not from their point of view, but from how the Chinese music market saw them. A Japanese photographer Takuro Toyama directed the image.

See more details in BEAMS OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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