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Rock it! Fabcafe Tokyo hosting the Global Creative Award



Rock it! Fabcafe Tokyo hosting the Global Creative Award

Located in the neighborhood of Shibuya, Fabcafe is hosting the Global Creative Award 2017 to award the unique and cutting edge creative works.

Fabcafe is not just an ordinary coffee house with quality coffees, but has several manufacturing machines using digital data such as laser cutters and 3D printers.
The cafe provides free WIFI and power supply for every customer, which can be used as a creative co-working space. Various collaborations has born from this space.

The origin of FabCafe dates back to FabLab (Fab Lab). FabLab which began in 2002 was written by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professor Neil Gersenfeld in his book “FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop – from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication (Japanese Version: Manufacturing Revolution Personal · Dawn of Fabrication)”, the idea has spread rapidly to the world since introducing Fablabo.
In Japan, people who sympathize with FAB’s idea gathered in 2010, founded FabLab Japan. Started activities with the goal of spreading “making culture” and “making technology”.

Global Creative Award 2017 awards global creative in the field of digital fabrication such as products, art, architecture, to performance art and workshop projects.
The collaboration works between “digital” and “physical manufacturing”.

Challenge your creative mind on their HP.

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