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Masami Nagasawa dancing in Hot spring with UNDER ARMOUR


Masami Nagasawa dancing in Hot spring with UNDER ARMOUR

Masami Nagasawa x UNDER ARMOUR just released the sexy and artistic promotion video.
The video, “I will” starts from Masami Nagasawa sits in a chair in a public hot spring bath and relaxing in front of the electric fan. She raises her body and starts dancing violently as the beat heat up. The camera follows her As she dances through the room and dives into the hot spring where she does kind of a synchronized swimming.
Masami Nagasawa, definitely one of Japan’s top actresses, appeals her glamorous and well maintained body throughout the video, wearing UNDER ARMOUR outfit.

The concept of this video, “To send a message to all Japanese women, the splendor of sports and the necessity of healthy body building” fits well with Masami Nagasawa’s public image.

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