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Modern Rice Wine Glass made just right for a rice wine

Rice Wine Glass
image: tashirotouki


Modern Rice Wine Glass made just right for a rice wine

Produced by Tashiro Pottery, Rice Wine Glass has inherited the traditions of Arita porcelain and gave a wine glass an unusual but modern look.

It first appeared in May, 2016 and soon caught a lot of attention through SNS and several media. Rice Wine Glass is the world’s first seamless glass made in one piece molding in ceramics. Inspiration came from the fact that often in other countries, rice wine is served in wine glasses. It took 2 years of testing and succeeded to commercialize.

Tashiro Pottery is located in Arita, >Saga prefecture, well known for producing the famous Arita ware. Arita ware started in the 17th century, when a raw material of porcelain was discovered in Arita. Since then Arita’s each pottery has kept their traditions and craftsmanship to now. Arita ware has developed many different styles over its long history, but in common, they have an iconic white face, described as “White(Hakuji) Gold”.

Keeping white “Hakuji” as the origin of Arita porcelain in mind, we created a minimalist, radically simple and sophisticated “modern Japanese” form.
by Tashiro Pottery

There are three lineups. SOKO-MARU Old Fashioned Glass, SOKO-MARU Koboshi and KU-KI Old Fashioned Glass. Each has its unique identities and shows different flavor of rice wine.

Kidate SOKO-MARU Old Fashioned Glass $35.00
Kidate Koboshi glass $41.25
Kidate SOKO-MARU KUKI glass $125.00

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