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Amano Takashi, The Exhibition of The Master of Aquascape.

Amano Takashi nature aquarium


Amano Takashi, The Exhibition of The Master of Aquascape.

The exhibition focuses on Amano Takashi, known as a “The Master of Aquascape”, and his iconic Nature Aquarium, which reproduces the natural ecosystem inside the glass tank. It also combines his own large-scale photographic work and aquarium as a living art exhibition.

At the venue, 11 pieces of Nature Aquarium works, including an exclusive aquarium “Extensive Nature Aquatic Plants Wall” produced for this exhibition are displayed. It also reproduces a 40-meter-long Nature Aquarium “Florestas Submersas” in Oceanário de Lisboa, Portugal through film.

As Amano works as a Nature Aquarium creator, he also visits one of the largest rain forest Amazons and Japan’s primeval forests such as Sado Island and Yakushima, as an ecological landscape photographer. Capturing photographs by large format camera with the theme of “untouched nature”. The photographs of the winning works in the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest will be exhibited for the first time, and workshop and live talk show will take place. Amano enthusiasts or anyone looking for “beauty and stunning experience” can enjoy this new kind of exhibition.

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