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Hado World Cup 2017, yet Another mind blowing event will be held at Tokyo in December

video: meleap_HADO


Hado World Cup 2017, yet Another mind blowing event will be held at Tokyo in December

meleap inc. a founder of Hado will host the Hado World Cup 2017 on the 3rd of December to honor the best in the new technological sports.

Apple watch, 3D TV, AI robots, etc. Digital experience has reached to a certain point where it is no longer the technology, only seen in the movie and the comic book. It can be a choice of the weekend’s entertainment. Watching movies, playing bowling and shooting an energy ball in AR fields.

Hado is the new kind of experience based game which 3 players team up in a team and throw virtual energy balls to opponents in a 80 second period. Each player wears a head mounted display to bring you into the AR field and also an arm sensor to command either shoot an energy ball or defend with a shield. A team with more points gained, wins the battle.

Hado World Cup 2017, Japan experience, crazy

playing image-Hado World Cup 2017

Hado can be played in several cafes and amusement parks in Japan and other countries such as Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, US and Vietnam. To enter the Hado World Cup 2017, as a player, few seats still available in Yokohama. Check details here. This year’s competition will be prized in a total of 3,000,000 JPY(about 26,300 USD). Several teams from 6 countries will compete to choose the best in Hado.

Hado World Cup 2017

Tournament – Hado World Cup 2017

Hado World Cup 2017Official HP
Date: 3rd December 2017
Location: Starrise Tower
Join as an audience: Online application here

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