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Luxury Goldfish swiming in the Japanese stained glass

goldfish glass


Luxury Goldfish swiming in the Japanese stained glass

Luxury goldfish and “wa-glass”, a Japanese stained glass collaborated to show the unrealistic exhibition from the 1st to 31st of August at Marriott Associa Hotel Nagoya.

“wa-glass” is a glass art that Kyoto Yuzen’s kimono and the Nishijin’s belt itself are sealed in glass. Since the Kimono culture is starting to decline due to its popularity for youth ages, passing the craftsmanship of making the kimono and the belt is becoming harder. “wa-glass” is a technology developed as a way to pass on the skill of craftsmen who were handed down for thousands of years.

The exhibition collaborates with Yatomi city, well known for their luxury high-class goldfish.

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