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The World’s Tallest Christmas Tree is coming to Kobe harbor 1st-26th Dec 2017

Christmas Tree
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The World’s Tallest Christmas Tree is coming to Kobe harbor 1st-26th Dec 2017

Kobe Harbor will celebrate its 150th anniversary since the inception by decorating a real tree as the world’s tallest Christmas tree in December, 2017.

The project is launched to celebrate its anniversary and also sending a positive message to whom experienced Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Great East Japan Earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. The illumination light’s electricity is planned to use the natural energy and reflective ornaments which all participants can write own messages. The event organizers aim to gather a million people during the period.

To bring this project in real, Kobe Harbor tagged with Seijun Nishihata, a plant hunter who expertise in collecting rare plants for botanical gardens, zoo and any clients in need of good plants. A tree chosen for the event was founded in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture. The estimated age of 150 years, a total length of about 30 meters tall and weighs over 40 tons.
The symbolic Rockreller Center Christmas Tree is about 21 to 30 meters tall, using a balsam fir tree. Seijun Nishihata picked thujopsis tree that has less quality compare to popular cypress,  for this event to send a message of hope.

The event details
Dates: 1st-26th Dec 2017 *Tree arrives on 1st of Dec.
Locate: Kobe Meriken Park

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