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Good coffee for weekend at Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017 Autumn

Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017


Good coffee for weekend at Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017 Autumn

Feel the heat of Tokyo’s coffee scene and try out an amazing coffees from Japan. Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017 will be held at Aoyama, Tokyo’s fashion trend district for years.

5 minutes walk from the B2 exit of Omotesando station heading Shibuya station, you will find the United Nations University building on your right.
The delightful Aoyama Farmar’s Market is held there every weekend, but this weekend had little more to enjoy.

Through a huge crowd of coffee lovers, you will find the wonderful scent that you long for.
Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017 is open.
More than 30 coffee shops and roasters from all over Japan have gathered here in an open-air space.

Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017

a scene from 2016

Purchase your tickets and receive original tasting mini mug for 1,500 JPY at the entrance to start a journey for an amazing coffee scene.
Each shop has a unique and an original menu to appeal their beans, so grab a mug and taste the difference. Varieties of flavors will spread in your mouth.
Third wave coffee beans or the deep-roasted beans, each bean seems to reflect each shop’s personality.

Tokyo Coffee Festival 2017

a scene from 2016

When tasting is done, you may purchase more drinks from many other shops. They serve ice and hot beverages and you can take what you like. Some sell snacks like scones and chocolates. If you are hungry and want to satisfy your appetite, step out to the Aoyama Farmer’s Market to get one-plate meal.
Only watching barista’s amazing techniques and performance in the relaxing atmosphere on a hot day makes your day.

Yuji Otsuki, a founder of Tokyo Coffee Festival (TCF)

—What was your purpose of starting this event?
Otsuki:The third wave of coffee movement has spread wide in Tokyo, and a barista as a work and many roasters are getting more popular compared to a few years ago. But I don’t want it to end up in a momentum trend.
I want to let more people know about roasters and baristas.
Our goal is to invite more people into the coffee scene and also to assist owners of the roaster.

—What’s your selection criteria of roasters?
Otsuki:Store-own-roasted and No espresso, basically.
Even if you find a great espresso beverage when you are out, it’s difficult to reproduce the same taste at home. You need machines, technique and many aspects affect a cup of coffee.

—Do you plan to make this event bigger?
Otsuki:No. TCF will continue on this scale and this place, in a corner of Aoyama Farmer’s Market.Different events in different places, I would do.
I also organize another event named Coffee Collection in Kanda too.

Now this event is getting bigger than I expected.
Lots of people visit the event, not only locals but travelers from all over the world.
I hope more people will know about good coffee and for this movement to take a root in japan, like what’s going on in Australia.

check further detail from their official HP

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