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Seiko Watch’s new pair watches, Seiko Gold Feather weighs as light as a feather

Seiko Gold Feather watch
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Seiko Watch’s new pair watches, Seiko Gold Feather weighs as light as a feather

Seiko Watch releases new and limited models of “Seiko Gold Feather” in December with a brand new 14, including limited models.

Seiko Gold Feather was first released in 1960. At that time, this Japan made watch was introduced as the thinnest watch with the minute hand and the second hand placed in the center. With the amazing thinness of 7.3mm, Gold Feather offered the light fitting and slim look to match the modern outfit.

The new limited models inherits old model’s thinness and also added a few changes. It offers several textured straps such as Lizards, Crocs and smooth. The case comes in several color variations such as silver, dark green, off white, black, navy and dark gray. The limited collaboration model with Nano Universe has a classical look, very similar to an old model. With the classical off-white dial on the gold case. Nano Universe’s brand logo and serial numbers are printed on the back. Only 300 will be sold.

Seiko Gold Feather

Nano Universe model –
Seiko Gold Feather

Product specification
-Waterproof performance: Waterproof for everyday life (3 atm)
-Anti-magnetic performance: Anti-magnetic clock (JIS magnetic resistant watch 1 kind)
-Case outer diameter: 38.0 mm (without crown)
Thickness: 7.3 mm (SCXP 072, 074, 076, 078, 079, 090, 092)
-Case outer diameter: 30.0 mm (without crown)
Thickness: 7.0 mm (SCXP 082, 084, 086, 088, 089, 100, 102)
-After-sales service: manufacturer’s warranty Warranty period 1 year
-Price: 22,000 JPY plus tax

For sale on Seiko’s Japanese site

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