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Abandoned cafe is being reevaluated in Japan



Abandoned cafe is being reevaluated in Japan

Bluebottle coffee, Fuglen, bills and many more. Japan’s cafe scene has definitely reached a point, where a good is not enough. The best or the one and only of uniqueness can earn a vote.

Be represented by Daibosatsutōge cafe, a nostalgic kissa style coffee house in Tokushima prefectures, abandoned cafe is being reevaluated by Instagrammers and cafe lovers.
With a word “Abandoned cafe”, you might imagine a road side ruined building which no one reaches. But Daibosatsutōge cafe is still getting larger. Brick based building began building in 1966 and has not yet reached the satisfaction of the cafe owner’s ideal. Japan’s “Sagrada Familia” is collecting locals and travelers by its nostalgic and mystic atmospheres.

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