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Choosing the best of the best Ramen. Instant Ramen ranking 2017!

Ramen ranking


Choosing the best of the best Ramen. Instant Ramen ranking 2017!

The popular TV show “jobtune” made the ramen ranking, that several Ramen shop owners vote for which instant ramen is worth tasting.
More than 120 Ramen shop owners were interviewed, and choose with their professional point of view.

Instant Ramen ranking 2017
Mochimochi No Ki
The style is a typical soy sauce ramen with the soup, based on seafood, chicken and pork broth.
The combination of its soup and straight type, medium thickness noodle matches well.

Nissin Men Shokunin Soy Sauce
Another typical soy sauce based ramen with seafood broth.
Men Shokunin earns its reputation not by the soup but with the noodle it self. Meaning “noodle master”, Men Shokunin’s noodles are quite similar to fresh noodles.

Sapporo Ichiban Salt Ramen
Long seller instant noodle, loved by all ages.
Salt based taste of soup keeps you tempting for another sip.

Maruchan Seimen  Deep Soy Sauce
Maruchan is well known for its quality fresh noodle. Maruchan Seimen takes over that quality to instant noodle.

Chicken Ramen
The world’s first instant ramen came in 6th.
A simple noodle with the basic chicken broth based soup.
It’s junky taste is definitely unforgettable.

Wakame Ramen
If you don’t have any problems with seaweeds, you will love Wakame (seaweeds) ramen.
This unique ramen has been on the market since 1983.
A simple soy sauce based soup with sesames and tons of seaweeds makes you wanna drink up.

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto
Probably the most spicy and hot instant ramen on the market.
Miso based soup with red hot chili oil is sure to be choked.

Sapporo’s well known Miso ramen sealed into the cup, as it is served in a real shop. Every part made in perfect preparation and a soup has an unreal depth of flavor and a caramel-like profile.

Nissin Raoh
Raoh definitely changed the history of instant ramen with its revolutionary noodles. Soy sauce based soup comes with “back fat”, which makes the oily mouth feel and adds deep flavor to it.

Nissin Cup Noodle
Sold in a total of 40 billion cups in world wide. World’s best known instant ramen was chosen the best. The soy sauce soup with curly noodles stapled in ramen history of its cost and convenience.

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