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Pour Japanese wine to a mug cup, bottled in a Sake bottle


Pour Japanese wine to a mug cup, bottled in a Sake bottle

Shikishima winery released a unique “Drieasy-wine”, bottled in a Japanese Sake bottle which contains 1800ml. It also comes with a mug cup, designed by Ugadell Design to advocate the new style of drinking wine.

Shikishima winery, located in Yamanashi Prefecture, is a small family owned winery which produces Japanese wine. As the name of “Mount Wine”, they continue to produce a fragrant wine with local grapes grown in high altitude. They only produce limited numbers of bottles and does not appear in Tokyo’s wine store, but is well known to locals.

720 ml or 750 ml bottles are widely used to contain wine, but Shikishima Winery chooses to bottle their quality wine in Japanese sake bottle. Rare to others, but much popular in Yamanashi region as basic wine bottle does not fulfill local’s gatherings.
A mug cup “Drieasy” is specially designed to the match local’s drinking style, doesn’t prefer using a classy valuable wine glass. Designed by Ugadell Design, mug cup comes in white to match the color of the wine.

“While drinking wine with a mug is a proposal for a new style, it follows the Yamanashi’s wine culture of not using the wine glass. I would like to deliver our wine culture as a new style. Also, a mug is well suited for drinking hot wines in winter.”
Words by Shikishima winery

Purchase only from online store for 20,000 JPY.

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