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How much is a edible gold ice cream at Ginza?

gold ice cream


How much is a edible gold ice cream at Ginza?

Kinpaku Kagayaki ice cream, a new sensation gold ice cream produced by Kanazawa’s long-established gold leaf maker is coming in Ginza Tokyo for the first time.
From 1st till 27th of August, it will be on sale at Ginza Six in limited quantity.

Kinpaku Kagayaki ice cream, which became the local gourmet of Kanazawa prefecture is based on a vanilla flavored ice cream with a gold leaf woven.
Not only that gorgeous appearance but also the gold leaf which gorgeous on the mouth when eating is attached is the real pleasure.

The moment of covering a gold leaf on an ice cream is also a fascinating attraction. The edible gold foil used is as thin as 1 / 10,000, a material that is delicate enough to break with static electricity or a little wind. The scene raking a gold leaf with bamboo chopsticks can experience craftsmanship.

The price will be around ¥1,000 JPY at Ginza six

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