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New Ramen by Ramen Kagetsu looks so creamy

Ramen kagetsu
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New Ramen by Ramen Kagetsu looks so creamy

Ramen Kagetsu, a Japanese Ramen chain store announced the release of “Torisoba” all chicken soup Ramen for the first time in 6 years.

Ramen Kagetsu followed the newest trends in Ramen market. They adopted China originated Chicken Baitang Soup. The soup is made from lightly blanched chicken bones that have been vigorously boiled for several hours, which creates a creamy broth. This broth has a rich and milky mouthfeel and it is taking in people who is not a huge fan of Ramen.
Ramen Kagetsu taken little further and blend with Chicken oil called “Chi-Yu”. It is also originated in Chinese dishes and is used to give flavor the great depth and unique fragrance.

Launching 230 stores nationwide, Ramen Kagetsu is popular for creamy Tonkotsu soup, which is based on pork bones and several vegetables and adding a large amount of back fat on top. Kagetsu also produces several limited Ramens and collaborations with well-known Ramen stores.

Store information and details on their HP

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