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Starbucks opened the World’s first “Tatami” concept store in Kyoto

starbucks kyoto tatami


Starbucks opened the World’s first “Tatami” concept store in Kyoto

Starbucks opened probably the world’s first concept store, “Kyōto Ninenzaka Yasaka chaya store” in the east region of Kyoto.

Located in Ninenzaka which leads to Kiyomizu temple, a World Heritage Site. Leaving the facade of the Taisho era, a traditional two-story architecture in the townscape that reminds regional history and culture.
Main building and wall have been designated to “Traditional buildings in the Conservation plan for Conservation Area of ​​Dynasty Nakasaka Traditional Buildings Group”.

Duck through Noren, the traditional entrance curtain, warm and sophisticated lights leads your steps to the bar counter with the back yard spreads behind. Starbucks’s barista will serve your quality coffee.

On the second floor, Three rooms that allow you to relax by taking off your shoes on tatami. The traditional Japanese-style mat using rice straw to form the core. You can enjoy your favorite coffee in a different space from usual by sitting on the cushion made of the Tango material of Kyoto for the upholstery.

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