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iPhone 7 case with Miniature cookies in it

iPhone case unagi pie
image: Shukado


iPhone 7 case with Miniature cookies in it

Probably the craziest iPhone 7 case ever on market. Boasting 130 years of history, Shunkado released a new iPhone 7 case which Unagi Pie design has imprinted to it.

Unagi Pie is the signature souvenir of Shizuoka Prefecture for more than 55 years, made with eels. Its unique taste and crispy cookie like texture is like no others. Contains powdered eels, but doesn’t smell or taste at all. The Unagi Pie smells just like a baked cookies and taste sweet with the granulated sugar.

The iPhone 7 case Shunkado released has imprinted the package design of Unagi Pie and can be opened at the back panel. Inside the back panel, miniature plastic Unagi Pie is placed. The miniature is removable and can use as a money clip or the card holders.

It is complete limited production and prices about ¥3,000 JPY.
If you consider purchasing for your friends, access Shunkado’s HP.

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