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Shinagawa Prince hotel is hiring a robot for room service

robot room service


Shinagawa Prince hotel is hiring a robot for room service

A robot has become a new solution as a professional worker, not only in the gigantic warehouse but also in social societies.
Shinagawa Prince hotel, a dignified historic hotel is hiring a robot “Relay” to deliver customer’s baggage to the room from October.

“Relay” is a self-driving delivery robot. Automatically traveling while avoiding obstacles and can deliver the luggage to right in front of the guest room. It can also board the elevator automatically.

The staff sets the luggage to “Relay”, after receiving an order for room service. A guest will be noticed by a call When it arrives in front of the designated room. IT automatically returns to the lobby and start charging when the package is taken out. Developed by Savioke, a robotic venture company based in Silicon Valley.

I think we are finally at that point. Time is right for rototics. I think we hit the point where computers are cheap enough and sensors are cheap enough. So now is the time when robots can come in the world and help people.

Steve Cousins
CEO Savioke

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