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Super Mario Bros x Wired x Seiko limited edition model watch

Super Mario Bros x Wired x Seiko
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Super Mario Bros x Wired x Seiko limited edition model watch

Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. releases limited collaboration watch with the legendary video game Super Mario Bros in this September. 2 models with both Mario icon placed on the dial will be sold at WIRED magazine dealers.

30 years since its first appearance, Super Mario Bros is still the hot topic. Especially the iconic Mario has already been collaborating in several items, including watches. But the majority of them are mostly for teens or doesn’t match the stylish outfit. This time, well known IT and culture magazine WIRED has joined to persuade all the fashionistas.

A model AGAK702 has a stylish dark colored dial with the yellow star on second hand and Mario icon at 6 o’clock position. It shows several faces such as the floating coins and numerals in dot notation, depending on the view angle. Showing motifs from the scene of Super Mario Bros.

A model AGAK703 comes in a black case and strap with the very first stage of Super Mario Bros laid out in color. The fun memory of playing games will be evoked, every time you face the watch.

On both models, the last scene of Mario VS Kuppa is painted on the back cover, and the serial number which is the proof of the limited model is marked. Also elements of the game which everyone has seen such as “star” of the crown part and “Clyba” and “Hatena box” printed on the back side of the strap.

Check WIRED magazinefor more details.

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